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Touch_Up Photo Editing

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Touch Up & Photo Editing Requests
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touch_up is a photo/image editing request community open to everyone. This community allows anyone to request image and photo editing and unlike many other communities, all members have the opportunity to attempt to fill that request and leave feedback about anyone's touch-up work.

By allowing all members and not just a select few I hope to promote education, new techniques, and to give members of all skill levels practice. Now this does not mean if you request you will only get bad unprofessional results. In fact by allowing anyone in the community to post the reply time with actually be less and requests are usually filled in a day or two, regardless of urgency.

There are only 2 main rules in this community. The first being to make all requests using the proper format and the second comment respectfully and with patience.

Also all members are allowed to post before and after photos of other rework they have done. If it is not a request post you need to post at least the 'after' behind and LJ cut. Of course if the files are large an LJ cut is required as well. If you post just the 'after' shot you will be asked to include the before or it will be deleted and you can re-post it properly. Remember this does not just have to people but can be anything awesome work you wish to share. If there is nudity/drugs please use and LJ cut.

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General Touchup

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Select Coloring

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Black and White


Make photos sepia or any color of your choosing.
Remove red eye.
Correct/Enhance Color.
Crop , Resize, or Rotate.
Enhance certain features such as eye-color.

If there is something else that you want done that is not listed post it and ask and I and the members will do our best.

Format For Request:

- A link to the image
- What would you like done
- How urgent it is

Here is an example:

the image: image URL here
Want: change the image to black and white, clean up the face, and remove the tree.
When: I need this by Saturday. Thank you.

If there is a want there will also be either a weekly or monthly challange and awards will be given out and the like.

Please no promoting other communities without permission from the moderator

thank you for looking and hope to see you in the community.
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