Minky Burwell (theorganicdot) wrote in touch_up,
Minky Burwell

A request, darlings!

The photograph:
What I would like to be done: I would like a color version with my face cleaned up & skin toned evened out, but keep the grunge sort of the 'edge' to the photo. Could you change the color of the eyes to a starling blue or gray or whatev? If not, that's okay.

Is it possible to have the photo in black & white but have the blue scarf on my head in color, I would love for it to just pop out --- otherwise I would love it cleaned up & have a black & white vintage look.

Cropped/resized? No/no.
Border/shadow (specify color)? No/no.
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I could do the second one because it's so easy.. First one too, but "face cleaned up/skin tone evened out" what? Doing that will make it look weird. Faces aren't all one color.
Oops, that was me, accidentally posted on old journal, haha.
Thank you! Adore it, you're brilliant.
That takes like 5 seconds to get done. Hahaha!